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Service & Track Record Commitment to the Circular Economy and the Use of Technology

What we do for Circular Economy : "Collect, Connect, Circulate"

The circular economy involves many stakeholders, and the data of each player has not yet been visualized. Moreover, there is almost no coordination of data among companies, and there is a lack of mechanisms (incentives and value propositions) to keep the circulation going.

Our concept is"Collect, Connect, and Circulate"We implement the Circular Economy in society through both DX platforms and consulting.

Problem Solution

Circular Economy DX Consulting

We have acircular economy consulting team, and our professional team will support you in all things related to the Circular Economy. We are Japan-focused, so if your company is interested in working with Japan, we would love to hear from you.

Do you have any of these problems?

Not sure where to start with your company regarding the circular economy.
Not sure what elements are involved in implementing software.
We want to commit for not only Circular Economy.but also decarbonation
How should we accumulate data?
The area of CE is difficult for a company to handle on its own, so which organization should we partner with?
How should we respond to DPP and other regulations?
What methods and to what extent can we achieve economic rationality?

The professionals at digglue will do our best to support you!

Thorough support to achieve results that don't end with Looks good on paper.
Set objectives and then make them effective; promote DX.
Planning measures to balance resource recycling and decarbonization.
Installation and operational support for MateRe and CiReta!.
Promote and coordinate projects, including involvement of other companies.
Latest trends including in the world, andMarket research (chemical recycling, etc.)
Establishment of a circular loop for reduction and reuse.
Financial modeling preparation, etc.

Circular Economy DX Platform

The use of digital technology is essential for the realization of a circular economy. Nevertheless, because resource circulation involves many industries and stakeholders, it would be an incredibly large system if we tried to cover it with a single product.

Therefore, digglue has divided its products into three categories according to their respective roles. This leads to the concept of "show, connect, and turn" in the circular economy, and while each of these products can generate overwhelming benefits on their own, they also work together to create a platform that generates synergies.

Track Record Company Performance (partial)


Thank you very much for visiting our booth at CE EXPO 2024. For PDF versions of exhibition materials and other documents, please contact us from the Request for Documents below.

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